SD Systems mics are delivered with a preamp to attach to your belt. You connect this preamp to the mixer or stageblock with a XLR-XLR cable, these cables are common on stages, used for voicemics etc. You can move free on stage with a long XLR cable (connect 2 together!), SD Systems mics are not standard delivered with a wireless system.

The advanvantage of playing "wired mics" as mentioned above:
1. there is much LESS electronics in the audio chain, giving a fatter sound
2. wireless equipment always give some compression to the sound, due to built in compressor/limiter in all transmitters.
3. better S/N (signal to noise ratio).
4. use of Tone, Volume, standby controls (and balance @ our DM -double mic- preamps).
5. very long battery life (2 years), wireless: a few gigs.
6. less equipment to carry (the receiver takes space)
7. much cheaper, a good wireless costs extra money.
8. no problems with frequency interference of other transmitters / licenses.


However, SD Systems mics can be combined with all kind of wireless systems from different brands. Also, later on you can decide , to go wireless. In Europe we recommend Sennheiser, in USA & Canada : Shure. Advantage: when there are many (guitar) players who play cabled, you can't get mixed up with their cables, or when you walk into the audience, it's an advantage too.
You can connect our mics direct with the transmitter (less boxes on your belt or sax). But, in case you want to keep your adjustment knobs of the LP preamp, make a XLR cable from LP to the input of the transmitter that you use.

Patchcables (CSE SD: Sennheiser & CSH SD:Shure) connect your LCM (condenser) mic (Jackplug) direct to transmitters of Sennheiser (with miniJack) or Shure/Mipro (with miniXLR) without using the LP preamp and you can order them at your dealer. See types hereunder. They clip with velcro to the side of your transmitter.


If you want to connect our LCM (condenser) or LDM (dynamic) mic DIRECT to your transmitter, replace our 6.3 mm stereo jack by the (mini)plug that fits your specific transmitter. In this case you cannot use the LP preamp anymore.

Example 1
Replace our 1/4 "connector (Jackplug) with a Lemo (plug) that fits in your beltpack. For example: Shure: miniXLR, Sennheiser:miniJackplug.

Example 2 In case the input connector of your beltpack (transmitter) has 3 (or 4) pins:

Example 3
In case the input connector of your beltpack (transmitter) has 2 pins:

Wire of SD mic:Lemo of beltpack:
SolderRED wiretoSignal / + pin
SolderBLUE (or WHITE) wiretothe Ground pin
Solderthe SHIELDtoalso the Ground pin

Example 4
Adjust the sensitivity of transmitter, depending of the mic in use (in most cases to 1/4, except our LDM94 elements:maximum).


Example 1
Replace our XLR with a Lemo (plug) that fits in your beltpack.

Example 2

Wire of SD mic:Lemo of beltpack:
SolderWHITE (hot) wiretoSignal pin
SolderRED (cold) wiretothe Ground pin
Solderthe SHIELDtoalso the Ground pin
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