SD Systems LCM300 instrument microphone for accordeon

LCM300 instrument microphone for accordeon

The LCM 300 is the first complete professional microphone system for accordions

Again a group of musicians will enjoy the freedom to move and the reliable continuous sound quality that are proverbial for our microphones.

This microphone system uses -3 microphones to reach the perfect reproduction of the full spectrum of this exigent instrument. The balance between the bass section and the right-hand keyboard is fine adjustable within hand-reach of the musician.

The system can be easily attached to the instrument's resonance-box without doing any harm.

Highly recommended for every accordeon player!

  • flat response 20 - 20.2000Hz
  • including Double Mike preamp with tone, balance and volume controls
  • very stable positioning in shockmount hang-u
  • gooseneck clamp
  • complete elimination of key noise
  • no holes or screws required
  • Reproduces the total spectrum of the accordion thanks to 3 both mechanical and electronically adjustable microphones
  • Does not require a stand, so saving time, space, weight and money

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